5 Secrets You Don’t Know About Sani Danja And Mansurah Isah’s Marriage

In These Week There Is Rumors Going On Social Media Especially in Facebook And Twitter About Sani Danja And Mansurah isah.

Some People Are Saying Sani Danja Divorce His Wife Mansurah isah, in other Words Some Are Saying Mansurah Isah Leave Sani Danja Because Of His Bad Habit.

Kannywood Magazine Talks More About This Issue And Also They Gets Some Trust And Untrust News About This Issue.

And Also Some people Said Mansurah Isah Leave Sani Danja’s Home Because He Is Cheating On Her And He Want Marry A Second Wife That Is Why She Did Not Withstand This Situation And Leave His Home.

Many People Are Asking Mansurah isah About Her Husband What is Going On But They Didn’t Get Any Information about That.

Also they Asked Sani Danja Too About This Issue He Said They Should Go And Asked His Wife, Because He Can’t Tell His Secret In Public.

We Get Some Information That Mansurah Isah post On Her Instagram Page That Realise There is No Marriage Relation now With Sani Danja And Her.

Here is the screen shoot We Capture.

The Above Image Shows That Sani Danja Divorce Mansurah Isah.

But When Mansurah isah Post This Picture Withing Four (4) Minute She Delete It From Her Page That Is Why Our Member Capture It Before She Delete.

This Incident Happened exactly On Yakubu Muhammad The Best Friend Of Sani Danja, Now Yakubu Muhammad Spent 5 Years Without Marriage.

He Has Only 2 Children And Many People Are Surprise About Yakubu Muhammad Why He Didn’t Get Marriage After He Divorce His First Wife .

We Will Get The Information About Him Like What We Get The All Information Of Sani Danja And His Wife Mansurah Isah.

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