Do You Know How Much Money That Every YouTuber Get In Each 1000 Views On His Videos?

Some People Assumed That There is No Any Revenue That YouTubers Gets In Their Videos, So This Is Not Reality Speaking Because Many People Became Billionaire on YouTube Videos.

But Before We Got Into Point Let me Tell You Some Thing That You Don’t know About People Who Are Earning Money On YouTube platform.

The First thing is That Before You Started Earning Money On YouTube You Have To Face Many Challenges And Policies Before getting Receiving Alert of Payment. Also Many People Asked How They Get Huge Amount Of Money Only On creating Videos That Everyone Can Do it.

YouTube has Ads There is Short Videos That Showing Before Started Watching Some Videos On YouTube, So Those Video Ads That Appear On Some YouTube Channels, Are Those That Making Money.

So Let’s Go Back To Our Point make Money On YouTube it Difference With Your Location, if Your Location Has Highest RPM this Means That Revenue Per Mile, There is Some Countries That Has Higher RPM, So If You Are Located In That Country You Will Easily Get Money On YouTube With Low Views on Your Videos.

But The World Record Of YouTube Revenue per 1000 Views is 1-2$, But In Some Countries Like USA, Canada, United Kingdom Has Highest RPM That You Can Get 7-8$ Per 1000 Views on Your Videos.

But Note You Can’t Started Getting This Money Except You Are In YouTube Partner Program, Because You Can’t Get Any Revenue Except You Are In YouTube Partner Program.

So This Is The End If You Have Any Question Use Comment Box And Drop Your Question We Will Easily Answer it.

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