How To Get Your YouTube Channel Approved For Monetize 2021 Updates!!

Many People Are Suffer On How To Build Their YouTube Channel To Get Approved For Monetisation, But There is Some Things That They Should Follow Before They Became YouTube Partners.

Some People Know That In The Previous Years From  2005 to 2018 YouTube Did not Update Policy Of Approved To Became Partner, the policy Is Just Get 10000 Views in Your uploaded Videos, Then You Will Became Partner.

So Now A Days From 2019 To Now there is Additional Policies That YouTube Settle Inorder To Any Creator Should Follow And respect them, There is Monetisation Criteria That every Creator Should Get Before Join To YouTube Partner Program.

The Criteria Is You Have To Get 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Watch Hours, So This Is The Monetisation Policy That Any Creator Should Get Before join To YouTube Partner Program.

But There is Some New policies That Every Creator Should Follow When He Reach this Criteria We Will Listed Them Below; 

  • Make Sure Your Uploaded Videos Are Created By You Only.
  • Make Sure You Uploaded Videos Are Not Violet Their Policies.
  • Make Changes Edit Or Delete Before Your Channel Get Review.
  • Don’t Upload Your Videos In Another Channel Even Is Already In YouTube Partner Program.
  • use Sound That YouTube Give You In YouTube library This Means That Don’t use Copyright Sound In Your Videos.

So This Are The Policies That You Have To Follow Before Apply To Monetisation On YouTube, Because Now YouTube Update Their Policies About Monetisation And Other YouTube Features.

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