Ali Nuhu Give Maryam Yahaya Surprise

Ali Nuhu The Best Director In Kannywood And Also Best Actor In Nollywood industry Give Maryam Yahaya Surprise last year.

You Can Know This Film Which Was Called Mansoor So This Film Of Mansoor Which Maryam Yahaya Became Popular And Get Many Fans Because Of That Film.

Since From The Trailer of The Film some people Want To Watch The Full movie, Because There is Interesting Scene And Part That Come From Trailer Which People Want To Watch Full Movie.

Since From The Producer And Director Maryam Yahaya Is Not The Actress of That Film But The Reason Why She Became Actress Is When Shooting Film After Some Actors That Will Became in the Film Appear or Attend The Place, So There is Best Actress which Is not Maryam Yahaya she is the One Who are Waiting To Come And Start Shooting Film With Her, So that Is Why director Ali Nuhu Waiting Her To Come But She Is Late While Maryam Yahaya And Other Actress Are Available And Also Director Ali Nuhu Called That Actress That She Will Became Best Actress In That Film Which Is Mansoor But She Didn’t pick The Call Because When She Is Coming Her Phone Was in Bag And Also Didn’t Not Hear Any Ringtone Inorder To Pick.

While Maryam Yahaya And Others Actress Are Available Then Director Ali Nuhu Called Maryam Yahaya And Give Her The Role Of That Actress That is Not Come.

When They Started Shooting The Film Then That Actress Come Then Ali Nuhu Told Her That They Wait Her But She Didn’t Come That is Why They Used Maryam Yahaya In The Film.

They Will Meet In Another Film.

So They Lucky Maryam Yahaya Give Maximum Co-operation in That Film And Also Is The Film That Make Her Popular And Make Her Star Light.

Maryam Yahaya Did Not Assumed Ali Nuhu Will Use Her In That Film But He Surprise Her As An Actress Of the Most Lovely Film Which Is Mansoor.

So This Surprise Add More Value Of Ali Nuhu to Maryam Yahaya And Always Calling Him A Daddy.


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