This Is The Best Thing That Make Me Happy – Hadiza Gabon

Happiness Is The Best Thing That Everyone Like It And Also Want To Be In It Forever.

The Kannywood Actress Hadiza Gabon Said There Is No Anything That Make Her Happy except Helping Needy, This Means That He Want Always Help People In Need.

Hadiza Gabon Said I Was Very Surprise When I See People That Are Torture A Needy.This Make Me Anxious Because I Want Help People In Need.

If You Help Anyone You Don’t Know Which Day Did He Pay You, Because Anyone Has His Day.

Actress Hadiza Gabon is The Most Popular Actress And Instragram Celebrity That Has 2 millions Followers In Instagram.

Hadiza Gabon Was Born in Libreville Gabon And Now He Is 32 years Old And He Started Her Film on 2013 In Kannywood Industry.

Hadiza Gabon Is The Richest Kannywood Actress That Has Many Ways Of Earning Money And Business, After Working In Kannywood Industry He is The Advertise Of Many Companies Like Indomie, Maggi, Ajino – moto And Others Companies.

Also Hadiza Gabon Has Big Shop Of Jeweleries That Open In Kano And Kaduna State.

Hadiza Gabon Has Many Friends In Kannywood Male And Females But Her Best Friend Is Laila Othman.

Laila othman is The Best Friend Of Hadiza Gabon That Are Doing The Same Business After All This Above Business That We Listed To Hadiza Gabon Also she and Her Best Friend Laila othman Has Home Decoration.

Also Laila Othman Became Like Hadiza Gabon This Means That There Opinion Became The Same They Always Like To Help Needy And Poor People.

If You Could Remember On 2020 Hadiza Gabon Build A Mosque (Fisabilillahi) For Everyone Can Go And Pray .

So This is The Thing That Make Hadiza Gabon Happy And Her Best friend Which is Laila othman.

Laila Othman is not A Kannywood Actress But She is A Instagram Celebrity That Has 378k Followers.


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