Hamisu Breaker is Not My Boyfriend – Fatima Ali Nuhu

As You Already Know This Girl Fatima Ali Nuhu Which Is A Daughter of King Ali Nuhu The Best Director In Kannywood Industry.

And Also You Know This musician Which Is Hamisu Breaker, Some People Are Saying Fatima Is The Girlfriend Of Hamisu Breaker Whicj Is Totally Lie Because We Get The Truth Information About This issue.

On Monday Fatima Ali Nuhu Post Announcement In Her Instagram Page That Show The Reality About Her  Relationship With Hamisu Breaker.

In her post Fatima said; There Is Some Rumors going On Now That Some People Are Saying hamisu Breaker is My Boyfriend so This is Totally Lie, Because We Don’t Have any Relationship With Him.

Please People You Have To Stop Spreading What You Don’t Know, Because This Can Cause Problem in The Community Thank You I Hope You Will Stop Spreading This Issue Please!!!

So This Is The Long Article That Fatima Ali Nuhu Posted In Her Instagram Page And Noticed People Should Stop Spreading Lie In Social Media.

This Rumors Is Spreading More in Youtube And Facebook Because Some People They Post Image Of iPhone 11 pro max And Saying Hamisu breaker Give Fatima Ali Nuhu As A Surprise Gift.

Some People Are Posting Motor Car And Jeweleries And Saying Hamisu Breaker Give Fatima Ali Nuhu.

So After Fatima Ali Nuhu Posted This Then Hamisu Breaker Also Posted In His Instagram Page And Said Like This; Some People Are Saying Fatima Ali Nuhu Is My Girlfriend So I Don’t Know Her Before And Also since She Was Little Girl Like 3-4 Years I Know Her As Frome That Time I Didn’t See Her Visible Except in Social Media How Can she Became My Girlfriend.

Please People  If You Don’t Now Something please Stop Spreading It Because This Can Cause Lack Of Peace And Problem In The Society.

After Hamisu Breaker posted This Article In His Instagram Many People Stop Posting This Lie.

So We Are Giving You Advice Also That Spreading Lie is Very Bad If You are Always Creating Lie And Posted In Social Media This is Not Good Way, Please We Should Stop it Thank You For Your Love And Support.

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