You Have To Know This Things Before You Call My Wife Ugly – Ali Hussein Musa Yarima

The Handsome Kannywood Actors Ali Hussein Yarima Which is Called Sahabi In Series Film Kwana Casa’in He Called The Attention Of People Who Are Saying He Marry A Ugly Woman.

Real Hussein Posted A Video In His Instagram And Calling Attention Of People Who Are Saying He Marry A Ugly Woman.

If You Could Remembered Last Month Sahabi Get marriage With A Young Lady Which Is Called Ummi, So After Posted His Wedding Pics Then Some People Start Accusing His Wife And Saying She Is Ugly.

Then Many People Take That Photo And posted It on Pages In Social Media Like Instagram, Facebook Twitter And Whatsapp Groups  Inorder To Show People Ugly Face Of Real Hussein’s Wife.

After Some Moment Real Hussein Which Is Sahabi Posted A Video Is His Instagram page And Saying;

Some People Are Saying My Wife Is Ugly So You Have To Know These Things Before You Started Disgracing my Wife – Firstly You Have Never Know Me When i Was Ali, You Just Know Me When I Became Fine And Handsome Man In The Series Film Which Is Kwana Casa’in.

Also When I Was Ali By Name I Meet With This Girl That I Marry Now, At That Time Am Not Anyone this Means That I Don’t Have Anything That Female Can See And Love Me.

But Ummi Love me Better And Give Me Shelter She Did Me All What I want And What is Better for my Life, That Is Why I said I Will Not Marry Any Lady Except her if she is Alive.

So That Is Why I Marry Her.

Some People Does Not Know Any Thing They Just Posting Bad Things In Social Media In Order To Accuse someone.

But In Other Word His Wife Is Not A Ugly Women See Her Below

If You Look Clear In The Above Picture of Sahabi You Will Find That Her Wife Is Beauty The Things That Make Her Ugly Is Just A Filter Of The Camera And The Place There Is Dark,  That Camera Can Not Give Clear Picture That Is Why Some People Said She Is Ugly.

So Please Stop Posting What Can Cause Problem Like if He Take Some People Advice he Can Easily Regret Because This is A Good Wife That Can Withstand All His Good And Bad Behaviour.

At The End We Wish Them Happy Marriage Life Without Problem Up To End Of Their Lives.

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