I Stop Supporting PDP Party (People Democratic Party) – Adam A Zango

Adam A Zango the Best Kannywood Actors Said As From Today He is No Longer Supporting This Political Party Which is (People, Democratic,  Party PDP).

As You Already Know That Adam A Zango Is The Kannywood Actor That  Always Supporting PDP In Politics , So Now He Posted A Video In His Facebook Page And Said ; As From now A Im Never Support PDP And I Will Not Vote Them In The Election.

So This Post Of Adam A zango Give Many People Surprise Because In The Previous Time He Is The Branch Of This Party, Where He Is Take The Responsibilities Make His Fans To Vote That Party Which Is PDP.

After Adam A Zango Posted This Video Then He Just Post Another Video That Showing She Is Shaking Hand With Yahaya Bello, The Governor Of Kogi State.

So Yahaya Bello Is The APC Governor And He Want Became President In That Party Which Is APC, As You Already Know That Between APC And PDP There Is No Any Peace, Because They Are Opposite In Politics.

Now Adam A Zango Shows That He Started Supporting APC Party Which Is (Action, Progressive, Congress APC).

And Also Adam A Zango Said i Don’t Want Any PDP Member To Come And Asked Me Why i Leave The Party, I Just Leave Without Any Reason.

I Am A Citizen i Can Vote Any Party I Want Because There Right To Vote And Be Voted During Election In The Constitution.

But Many People Surprise That Why Adam A Zango Start Supporting APC Party While In The Previous Times He Is The One Who is Challenging Them.

So We Don’t Know Why Adam A Zango Start Support APC Party But We Will Go And Asked Him Why Are Retire From PDP Party To APC?

May Be He Will Tell Us A Real Answer And Reasons, So If You Look Im Kannywood Industry He Is The Best Actor That Has Many Followers In Social Media. and If He Support Some Thing Many Of His Followers Will Start Supporting it.

So Adam A Zango Will Make APC Leaders Happy Because Many Of His Followers Will Start Supporting This Party Which Is APC.

So If You Have Any Investigate About Why Adam A Zango Stop Supporting PDP Party And Start Supporting APC Party You Can Tell Us In a Comment Section.

And Also We Hope You Will Share This Message Through Social Media From Instagram, Facebook And Twitter To Noticed Adam A Zango Fans That He Start Supporting APC Party.

And Stop Supporting PDP Party Which Is (people Democratic Party).

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