Married Women Is Better To Stop What You Are Doing In Tiktok – Laila othman

Laila Othman Which Is Hadiza Gabon’s Friend Talk About How Some Married Women Doing Bad Actings In TikTok.

Her First Speech Is ; I Want Give Some Married Women Advice About What They Are doing In Tiktok. Laila Othman Posted A 4mimutes Video In Her Instagram Page Yesterday At Night.

She Said Please Those Married Women Should Stop Bad Actings in TikTok, Because This Is A Public Application Anything You Do It Can Circulate Around The World.

So If You Do A Bad Dance And Many people Watch You Can Even Get Sins, And Also You Will Not Feel Happy That Your Family, Either Your  Husband or Parent To Watch That Video.

And Also This Can Decrease Your Value In Your Relatives Or Any Person Who Know You When He Watch That Video, Lets Take As Example You Will Not Feel Happy To See Your Mother Is Dancing In front Of Camera And Send It To Public.

So Why You Want Make Your Children Or Your Family Sad?

After This Laila Othman Give A Ladies Advice Also About Bad Actings They Are Doing In TikTok And Other Platform Of Making Videos Eg. Like, Tiktok And Instagram.

So Firstly If You Didn’t Get Marry Before And You Want Get Marry While You Are Posting Bad Videos On platform  That Show You, You Have A Bad Behaviour So How Can Any Man See You To Desire A Marrying You?

So Laila Othman Give This Advice To Everyone Especially Married Women And Ladies, Because If Any Woman Continue Doing This Habit Can Cause Problem And Also Can Make Her Disappointed In The Community.

As You Already Know Laila othman Is A Best Friend Of Hadiza Gabon That Always Want Help A Needy And Poor People, Because She Has Foundation Of Orphan Children.

So At The End We Are Giving Youth Advice Especially Those who Are Posted Bad Videos On Platform Like, TikTok, Like, Snapchat,  Vskit app, Facebook And Instagram.

If Anyone Engage in This Habit So This means That He is Showing Universe He Is Irresponsible Parenthood, Because Anything You Do It Will Going Around The World , And It Can Go Anywhere Around The World.

And If Any Video Going To Public Like Bad Videos Can Decrease You Value In The Community.

So This is The Message That Laila Othman Wants To Delivered And Also She Want This Message To Go Any Where in Social media From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter And Whatsapp.

We Hope You Will Share This Post Through Social Media Because Many People Read This Message For Laila Othman To Married Women.




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