Do You Know What Will Happen In This Film: Manyan Mata With Fati Washa, Hadiza Gabon And Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

The New Kannywood Movie That Will Come Soon Which Us Called (Manyan Mata) Will Make Many People Happy And Educate About Life.

In This Film Which is Called Manyan Mata There Is Good Actors in it, Because This Film Can Teach Many People How Our Life Goes On Now.

The Good Actress That Will Participate In it Are As Follows;

. Hadiza Gabon.

    . Fati Washa.

    . Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya.

The Good Actors That Will Participate Are As Follows;

. Sani Musa Danja.

    . Rabiu Rikadawa.

    . Ali Nuhu.

    . Musa Mai Sana’a.

And Others Actors That We Didn’t Listed Them, So This Film Which Is Called Manyan Mata Was  Produced By Best Producer In Kannywood Industry Which Is Abubakar Bashir Mai Shadda.

As You Already Know Him Is A Best Producer in Kannywood That Produce Big Movies In The Industry, And Also There Is Best Director Which Is King Ali Nuhu.

Ali Nuhu Is The Best Director In Kannywood That He Is Always Directing Big Movies That impress People And Teach Them About Life Or Showing Them The Best Thing That Can Be Good In Their Life.

If Any Movie Lost This Two People Producer Abubakar Bashir Mai Shadda And Director Ali Nuhu, So We Think that Movie Can Not Interest People.

Because Due To The Important Of Those Two People You Will See Their Name In The Poster Of The Movies in Kannywood Industry.

The Above Listed Actors Are People That Always Wants To Impress People In Any Movies That They Participate, But Some People Are Asking What The Benefit Of That Film Which Is Called Manyan Mata That Will Be Release Soon?

So If You Don’t Know You Will Know Now, This Film That Will Be Release Soon It Will Come With Many Things That we Will List Them Below;

1 – Drama.

2 – How To Manage Your Business.

3 – Funniest Scenes.

4 – Skills Of Human Relation.

5 – How To get Job if You Don’t Have.

6 – This Movie Will Teach You How Life Goes on Now.

7 – Ways To Protect Yourself From Enemies In You Business.

So This is The Short Benefits That this Film Will Give Peoples who Watch It, But Up To Now We Didn’t Get Any Information About Which Date Did This Film Will Be Release.

But If We Get More Full Information About Releasing Of This Film Which Is Called Manyan Mata We Will Post it in Order To Know, For Those Who Want Watch It.

But The First Thing Is That This Film Will Be Watch In The Cinema, Then In Other Social Media Like Facebook Pages And Youtube Channels.

The First Cinema That This Film Will Watch First Is Shoprite Kano Cinema i Think, But We Always Follow The Actress In The Social Media, When Ever They Update something About It We Will Post It.

So We Hope You Will Love This Movie Since You Know Some Features that The Movies Will come to You.



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