Do You Know The Difference Between Short Videos And Stories in YouTube?

YouTube Platform Contents Many Videos Long And Shorts, But In Some YouTube Channel There Is 2 Things That Many YouTubers Are Asking  The Difference Between Them.

So Let us Differentiate Between Short Videos And Stories, But Before We Go Further Let Us Defined Them.

Short Videos.

Short Videos : Are Those Videos That many YouTubers Upload In Their Channel Which Has Short Duration. Also Short Video Started From 1 second To 56 Seconds.

Any YouTube Channel Can Upload A Short Videos.

Note*** Some Channels That Doesn’t Reach Monetisation Criteria Which Is 1k Subscribers And 4k Watch Hours, If You Upload A Short Videos You Will Not Be Count As Watching Hours For Monetisation Criteria.

Short Videos Look Like This

While The Stories Are The Page From YouTube Channel That You Can Watch Photos And Videos, Let Us Defined Stories In YouTube;

Stories. Stories Means Are The Videos Or Photos That Some Channel Upload In Order To Gain subscribers.

Note*** Every Content In Stories Are Not Be Counted In Criteria Of YouTube Partner Program.


Stories Videos And Photos Be Like Stories.

The Difference Between Short Videos And Stories Is ;

Short Videos is Only Videos That Has Lowers Duration While Stories Can Be Photo Or Short Video That Has 1 To 15 Seconds.

All Of Them Are Not Be Counted In YouTube Partner Program And Also every YouTube Channel Can Upload A Short Video While Stories Is Not Eligible To Every Channel Except Those That Has Passed 10, 000 Subscribers.

So This is The Difference Between Short Video And Stories.

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