Do You Know What YouTube Mean By Payment Taxes

If You Are A YouTuber That Has A Monetisation In His Chanel You Can See New Notification About Tax In Your Dashboard In Google AdSense Like This

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Important: Check if additional tax information is required from you. All YouTube creators and partners are required to submit tax information to ensure any applicable taxes on your payments are accurate.

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So This Is The New Policy That All YouTubers Should Follows, Because This Taxes Will Be Dedicate Through Your Payments.

And Also Those YouTubers That has Visitors On This Location Which Is United State Should Pay Taxes From Their Revenue On YouTube.

So That Is Why You will See This Notification And You Are Notified To Go And Fill The Form Of Taxe.

This Taxe It will Be Like This;

Any Revenue From United State Will Be Dedicate A 30% As Taxe .

Example. If You Have $100 From Viewers On United State, So You Will Pay Tax Of $30 As A Taxe Each Month.

And Other Countries There Is No Taxe, But Some YouTubers Refuse To Fill the Form this Taxes Will Be Dedicate Through Their Payment At World Wide Higher Rate.

World Wide Higher Rate Means If Have Revenue As A World Wide So You Will Pay 25% Of All Your Revenue In All Countries That Are Watching Your Videos.

Example. if You Have $100 As Your Revenue Of All The Countries In The World So If You Refuse To Fill The Payment Tax You Will Be Dedicate $25, This Means That When ever You Make $100 You Will Be Paid $85.

So This Is The Meaning Of This policy Of payment Tax.

We Are Advising Those YouTubers That Are Refuse To Fill The Form Of Payment Tax To Go And Fill Before The Closing Time.

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