These Are The Difference Between Community Guidelines Strike And Copyright Strike On YouTube

As You Already Know As Every Company Or Platform Has His Own Guidelines That Every Publisher Or Worker Is Better To Follow And Obey Them.

In YouTube There Is Many Policies And Guidelines That Every YouTube Is Most Follow And Obey Them, Because Any Mistake Happened The Action Will occur.

Today We Will Differentiate Between Two Guidelines Strikes That Some YouTubers Want To Know The Difference Between Them.

Community Guidelines Strikes.

Firstly Let Us Take Community Guidelines Strike – These Means That Is A Strike That YouTube Applied To Channel That Break The Rules.

In videos That Are Uploaded In YouTube There Is Some That Violet Guidelines Of YouTube, Which Any YouTuber Upload Them In His Channel YouTube Will Applied Strike On That Channel.

If You Want Know All This Guidelines Click Here YouTube Community Guidelines

If Your Channel Get First Community Guidelines it Can Be Warning But If You Get Two Community Guidelines At Once One Will Be Warning While other Will Be Strike And Also That Strike Will Not Expire Untill Three Months.

Copyright Strike.

Copyright Strike – These Means YouTube Does Not Allow Any YouTube Copied Videos That Other Channels Uploaded. this Means That if You Make A New Video So You Have Action About It And Also If Any YouTuber Take And Upload It In His Channel You Can Take Action And Report Him To YouTube Team.

So YouTube Team Can Applied Copyright Strike In His Channel After they Realise That Video Is Belong To You Earlier.

If Any Channel Get Copyright Strike It Will Not Be Able to Upload Untill Passed 1 Week, And Also That Strike Will Not Expire Untill The Next Three Months.

So The Main Difference of Copyright Strike And Community Guidelines Is copyright Strike No Warning While Community Guidelines There Is Warning If It Is The First Strike In That Channel.

So If You Have Questions You Can Asked in The Comment Section.

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