Why YouTube Remove Mid-rolls Ads (Ads Break)

As You Are A YouTuber Is Better To Know This Ads Which Is Called Ads Break or Mid-rolls, So If You Are Watching The Video On YouTube That Is Long As 8 minutes  like This Photo Below

If You Look At The Above Picture You Will See That The Video Is 9:40minutes Long, So For A YouTuber That Has Monetize On His Chanel He Can Add Mid-rolls Ads That Are Appear When Watching The Video.

This Means That If A Viewers Are Watching The Video They Can Watch Ads During The Video Either In The Middle Or The End.

Those YouTubers That Has Monetize On Their Chanel They Are Adding Mid-rolls Ads In Their Videos That Are 8minutes Plus Long like This.

So This Is How Mid-rolls Ads Be Like But Now In This Month Which Is July – 2021 There Is No Mid-rolls Ads In YouTube Videos.

But For Those That Has Monetize On Their Chanel They Can See The Above Step And Add The Mid-rolls Ads, But if They Add When Viewers Are Watching They Will Not see Ads In The Middle Except Before or After The Video.

So We Think They Will Fixed The Problem

Thank You All.

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