5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus in 2021

The World Pandemic Corona Virus Which Is Called Covide-19, Is The Disease That Break Many Companies And Some Business So That Is Why People Want To Know Many Ways In Order To Protect Themselves From it. 

Organization Of Health Cure Which Is World Health Organization (WHO) Was Listed A 5 Easy Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus.

How Can I Protect Myself From Corona Virus?

  1. Wash Your Hand With Soap and Sanitiser or Use Hand Gale To Wash Your Hand That Can Kill Germs Of The Covid-19 Disease.
  2. Close Your Mouth And Nose With Handkerchief When Sneezing, After That You Should Wash Your Hand That You Close Your Mouth And Nose With It For Stop Spreading The Disease.
  3. You Should Stop Touching Your Nose, Mouth And Eyes When Your Hand Touch The Place Were The Disease Was Affected, Because This Can Cause Other Part Of Your Body Affect With It.
  4. You Have To Give Distance With People Who Are Sneezing Or Cough Because This Can Cause You To Affect This Disease, And Also You Can Be Affected By Breath Of The Infected Person Of That Disease.
  5. Wire A Face Mask Any Were You Want Go And If Possible Use Handglob For The Protection Of This Disease. and Give Atleast 2 meter With Any Person In Any Place Market Or Company.

This Are The 5 Ways To Protect Yourself From This Disease Which Is Corona Virus.

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