Do You Know What YouTube Means By Shorts Fund

As You Already Know In This Year 2021 There is New Changes In Or Updates In YouTube One Of Them There Is New Feature That Every Channel Is Eligible To Do It Which Is Called Short Video.

This Short Video Is Eligible To Every YouTube Channel To Upload Videos That Has Short Duration, And Also It Looks Like Story.

So If You Are Reading A YouTube Criteria For Monetization

You Will Find That There Is No Short Video In The Hours That Will Be Added In The Requirement Of 4000 Watch Hours That YouTube Need To Review Your Channel For Monetisation.

And Also Some People See That Those Short Videos Are Getting Recommended By YouTube And Also There Is No Any Profit Except Subscribers.

In This Month Which Is April – 2021,  YouTube Creator Uploaded A Video And Also Email Some YouTubers About ( Short Fund).

Watch The Video:


What Is Shorts Fund:

This Means That YouTube Will Start Paying Some YouTubers That Are Uploading Short Videos In Theiir Channels.

They Give $100 millions, For Those YouTubers That Are Uploading A Short Videos.

The Payment Will Start From $100 To $10,000 This Means That You Can Make $100 – $10,000 In Short Videos.

How Can I See My Revenue In Short Videos?

In Every 7th to 8th Days You Will Receive A Message Through Your Gmail About Short Bonus , The Email Will Be Like This (Claim Your Short Bonuse)

So With This Email You Can See What Do You Make With Your Short Videos.

How Do I Get Paid After My Short Videos Make $100 To Above?

When You Reach A Payment Threshold Of Short Video Like $100+ You Can Withdraw Your Money Easily But You Have To Follow This Steps Below:

  • You Need To Have An Existing Adsense Account.
  • Creat A Adsense Account.
  • Then You Should Link Your Youtube Channel With Your Existing or Created Adsense Account.

Which Videos Is Eligible To Monetise In Shorts?

You Have To Creat A Eligible Videos That Are Following YouTube Community Guidelines

Can I Get Paid With Short Videos If My Channel Didn’t Reach Monitisation Criteria?

Yes Will Be Paid To Get Money Even Your Channel Doesn’t Have Full Videos That Will Make 4000 Watch Hours Or 1000 Subscribers.

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