Three (3) Ways To Earn Money On YouTube

Sometimes YouTubers Are Searching About How To Get Money On YouTube, After Monetization Revenue?

So You Guys Today We Will Talk About These Three Ways On How To Get Money On YouTube Easy And Faster.

These Three Ways Are;

  1. Monetization On YouTube Partner Program.
  2. Mechandise
  3. Channel Membership

All These Are The Ways Of Earning Money On YouTube That Some Creators were Earning.

Let us Defined Them In Details For You To To Know All These Ways.

Monetization on YouTube Partner Program: This Is The Most highest Way For Getting Money On YouTube,  Because if You Are a YouTube Creator is better To create Your owm videos and Upload Them In Your Channel, So YouTube Can Monetize Your Content If they Follow Their Guidelines And Criteria.

The Guidelines Are Here Youtube Monetization Guideliness

Criteria For YouTube Partner Program: Is Your Channel should Get 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Watch Hours!

So If Your Videos Follow Their Guidelines And Also Hit Criteria You will be Able To Monetize And Start earning Money With Your Videos.

Channel Mechandise: This Is A New Feature That YouTube Give Any Creator In order To Sell His Property Like T-Shirt or Jacket.

You Can Watch The Video That Will Tell You All About This Feature;

If You Have Any Question You Can Tell Us In The Comment Section.

Channel Membership: This Also Is A Great Feature That YouTube Give Some Creators That Are In Partner Program.

In Other Channel You Can See This Notification Like This

So You Can See That, After Subscribe Button There Is Join Button So This Join Button Is Called Channel Membership Let us Watch The Video That Talk About It Here;

If You Have Any Question About These Three Ways of Earning Money In YouTube You Can Tell Us In The Comment Section Keep To Enjoy!

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