Ten advice from Albert Einstein for young people how want to be successful in life

Ten advice from Albert Einstein for young people how want to be rich and successful Albert Einstein was a German born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity one of the two pillars of modern physics his work is also known for it influence on the philosophy of science as a physicist and a successful scientists Einstein gives some very good advice which could be helpful to you if you want to become rich and success ful in life. In this Post well share with you ten of the inspiring advice from Albert Einstein and we hope some of them inspire you for success the advice number 7 is very important so try and ride th Post in this site Gabairitop to ride this Post all has to the end yes if you are new here in this site consider subscribing so that you will miss other interesting Post like this.
  1. Never give up on what you really want to do:- the person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts one my siblings once tried to discourage me from being an entrepreneur by telling the story of how he hid started many businesses and failed the world is filled with such people will know what cannot some times these people have facts and evidence but they are wrong don’t give up on your dreams. Because someone shows you the numbers of people who are failed trying the same thing because even if you fail you’ll still be a better person than people who never try anything new important then knowledge what you dreams.
  2. Imaginetion is more important than knowledge:- what your dream is for more important than what you know is a fact and facts and facts not as important as imagination the whole world believed that the earth was flat and was a fact until someone provide us wrong. We believed no human being could run a mile in four minutes and that was a fact until someone provide us wrong we Believed human couldn’t fly and he has a fact until someone provide us wrong those who provide us wrong. Dean depend on their knowledge than depended on the imagination as a young person it might have been discouraged by many people who believe your dreams are not possible those are the people who know and believe in facts fully your imagination and you prove them wrong.
  3. Your education is what remains after you have gotten what you learned in school:- a simple study was conducted by Jimmy Kimmel early 2018 to find out how many Americans can name a book the embarrassing post is on the web and you can check it out ninety nin percent of American adults cannot mean a book which means they are not reading they can name movies and reality shows but not a book this goes to show us that we are living in a grossly uneducated world listen only with Yorkers have pride in their degrees or what school taught them the real education is what you have left after you’re forgotten everything you were thought in school.
  4. Life is like riding a bicycle:- to keep your balance you must keep moving Einstein Churchill once said if you ain’t hell keep going life is complex and tough but I have good news for you. Life is weak for the strong souls rebort schurrle wrote tough times never last but tough people do you can believe that a million times tough times is like a drug its a matter of time every drug expires if you just keep on moving one day you’ll get to the end of the channel.
  5. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value:- most young people want to become successful while this is a good aspirations success is a fruit not a seed success is not what you get by going for success. Success is what you get by showing the seed of value to look for how to make the world a better place look for what you can innovate change or improve focus your attention or what you can give before what you can get remember to become a man of success you need to be a man of value.
  6. A ship is always safe at shere but that is not what it’s build for the world:- is filled with so many ships comfortable staying at the shere because of the fear of what may happen if they dare to get to the Sea so many young people have dreams but never dare their dreams because it’s risky to do so well you’ll be safe to leave like everyone you’ll be safe to take life easy you’ll be safe to take no risk. But listen me who cannot die cannot live he who cannot lose his life cannot have it he who cannot fail cannot succeed dear your dreams go for what you think you desire you may fail and for what you’ll succeed if you keep on fighting.
  7. Every body is a genius:- but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will leave it’s whole life believing that it is stupid you may not be a good at wete you may not be a good musician artist or writer and that fine because fish cannot fly and a herse cannot swore the problem. I have seen in the world is that our education system was designed to teach children what to be instead of discover who they are as a young adults your primary assignment in life isn’t to dream of becoming rich or successful your primary assignment is to discover who you are your primary assignment is to discover who you are you discover who you are think about your child hood dreams think about things you can comfortably do for several hours and still feel alive. Answer this quase what would you do if you have all the money in the world if you still don’t get it experiment lay your hands on different things and listen to your heart bird were not created to swiru fish were not created to fly your true happiness lies in what you were created to do so don’t rest until you discover that.
  8. The important thing is not to stop questioning:- curiosity has its own reason for existin jus last night I was listening to an audio biography of Abraham Lincoln the self education poor boy who overcome all obstacles to become the president of the United States the most important thing I learned from Lincoln life is this he was a curious young boy who cherished knowledge more than anything else this is the map young people who are not curious cannot graw if you are not growing your diet but that person cannot be relevant in our ever changing world.
  9. If you can’t explain it simple you don’t understand it will enough:- Kevin o Leary was once asked how he decides who invest with his answer every enterpreneur who knows what they are doing can explain the ideas in 90 second this is the lesson here. Life is all about making others see what you can see so you must learn how to communicate it effectively if you want to be successful in life you must know how to communicate and be understood if you sentences you either don’t know it or you don’t know how to communicate.
  10. I have no special talents I am only passionately:- urious talent is often ignorantly credited for people success while talents do exist it’s too common to be anything precious just almost everyone you saw yesterday has some talents so what the big deal why don’t these millions of talented people become successful the reason why most people are not successful despite having talent is because talent doesn’t guarantee anything the hustling the theusands of hours of practice the relentless curiosity the sleepless night those are what turn talents to gold in . In summary if you want to be rich and successful in life know what you want and never give up on your dreams the curious and always. Don’t allow people with facts to discourage you from pursuing what you see in your imagination. Don’t play it safe dear your dreams focus your life on making the world a better place and success will be your’s a genius. But don’t judge yourself on what is not your strength never stop being lurious always look for what to learn improve your communication skills because life is all about getting people to see what your mind see focus on acquiring skills because talent’s a lone make no one succeed if you are in the he’ll keep moving you enjoy this Post in this site please if you like to give you another interesting post in this site for you to enjoy next but be for then you will be very happy if you can subscribe this site for More live lesson thenk you.

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