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Do You Know The Important Of This Notification in YouTube Studio (revenue reporting in YouTube Analytics)?

Some Times YouTubers May See This Notification In The YouTube Studio Like This;

So This means Some Times There Is Mistake Of Algorithm About Revenue Or Views In YouTube And At That Time They Can’t See That Mistake Inorder To Fixes, But Late When They Fixed The Issue You Will Be Notified That There was A Mistake Had Happened But It Was Fixed.

You Can See That Date That Issue Occur and The Day That It Was Fixed.

And Also This Is The Answer That YouTube Team Said After Complain Of Some YouTubers When This Mistake Happen;

Hi Creators, 


We’re receiving reports that many of you are seeing no revenue being reflected on YouTube Analytics for the past few days. 
We’re currently working on fixing this reporting issue in YouTube Analytics and will update you here when it’s resolved. Thanks for your patience!


So This Is The Answer That This Team Said After Many YouTubers Complain About Mistake That Happened.

This Mistake Can Falled On Any Algorithm On YouTube As Follows;

  • Views.
  • Revenue.
  • Watch Time/hours.
  • Subscribers Count.
  • 48hours/Estimate Views.
  • RPM or CPM.

And Every Algorithm This Issue Can Falled On it And Also If Anything Happened There Is Some People That Complain About That, So That Is Why You Will See This Notification.

After The Issue Was Fixed Then After Some Days The Notification Will Be Disappeared.


Thank You All.

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