Youtube Features

New To Make Money On YouTube Which Is Called Channel Membership!

This Are The New Way To Make Money On YouTube Even If You Are Not Uploading Videos Always In Your Channel.

These Are The New Features That YouTube Allowed Some YouTubers Can Sell Their Properties Through.

Some Time If You Are Watching Video On YouTube You Can See Two Button In Some Channels like This:

As You Can See There Is Subscribe Button And Also There Is Join While In Some Channel There is No This Join Button Like This:

So This Channel That Does Not Have A Join Button In These Means That Channel Does Not Have A Channel Membership.

But Some Channel That Have Are Required To Join A Channel Membership are Those Channels That Participate In YouTube Partner Program Like This:

You Can See Membership So This Membership Is The Page That YouTube Partners Can Sell Their Content Private Not  Public.

Through Channel Membership So If You Have Some Goods Or Videos That You Want Sell Them In Private You Can Use Channel Membership To Sell,  Where Your Visitors Can Pay And Get The Video Easily.

So Keep To Enjoy YouTube Features.


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